The Workers

After Dark

Web-Controlled Nocturnal Robots Roaming Tate Britain


Giant interactive collage for Allude Cashmere

Highcross Lanterns’ Ambient

Celebrating community through public art


Playable multi-touch reactive logomark

Where You Are

Digital book interpretation for Visual Editions


The breakout board for the Raspberry Pi

Studio Blackburn & Special Normal

Playful interventions for Studio Blackburn’s new website

25 Years of Hauser & Wirth

Never before seen stories, images and videos

Bloomberg Connects

A digital dialogue between the public and Tate Modern


Lighting up a mile-long racetrack

Haroon Mirza

Sequenceable HTML noise for Lisson Gallery

The World According To Kids

Shakeable website for the BBC


An interactive video mosaic for Bibliothèque Design

HTC Straylight

Kaleidoscope mirror tunnel control and WebGL visualisation

Map Project Office

Algorithmic grid layouts

Feathered Flight

Enhancing the history of feathered flight