Bendy Pixels

Awesomecross took real-time race performance data to create live visuals on reactive LED light tube displays along a 500-metre autocross track.

Driving the Light

The ambitious project, for the launch of BFGoodrich’s new high-performance tyres, was designed to create a challenging driving experience that used a range of information – live position, acceleration and lateral G-force – to trigger reactive lighting displays with race progress data in real time.

Data on Display

Collaborating with Jason Bruges Studio, an OpenFrameworks application was developed that combined EEG brain data from the 25 drivers’ helmets with data from the cars to create a real-time visualisation of race performance in reactive lighting displays around the course and in the cars’ wheel wells.

Instantaneous Reaction

The pilots’ vitals and race data were visualised in real-time on the light tubes along the track, for everyone to see.

Record Time

The project was carried out in record time, on location in El Toro, California.

BFGoodrich Playlist

Watch all the clips on YouTube.