Three Websites, One Brief

Recontextualising the online presence of Studio Blackburn and Paul Blackburn.

A commission by Paul Blackburn and Studio Blackburn, a brand design consultancy, to recontextualise their website resulting in three interconnected sites with a series of playful interactive interventions.


Working in collaboration with Studio Blackburn, a series of iterative proposals, prototypes and playthings were developed before building the website.

Creating Connections

All three sites – Studio Blackburn, Paul Blackburn, and Special Normal – are linked to each other across their respective domains, creating a connecting thread across the three properties.

User Experience

A great experience for users across all devices:

  • Image thumbnails on the homepage are displayed with analogous strategies for mobile and desktop visitors, despite profound platform differences
  • Images are generated on-requests at different resolutions, depending on device and screen size
  • Bottom bar displays current article title and suggests the next one to read
  • Bottom bar shows and hides intelligently, according to distance scrolled
  • Arrow keyboard navigation supported

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