Design, Interactive, Installations, Web, Real-Time, Experiences, Events, 3D, Robots, VR

The Workers (London) Ltd.
32 Sunbury Workshops
Swanfield Street
London E2 7LF

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After Dark

Web-Controlled Nocturnal Robots Roaming Tate Britain

Where You Are

Digital book interpretation for Visual Editions


Giant interactive collage for Allude Cashmere

Highcross Lanterns' Ambient

Celebrating community through public art


The breakout board for the Raspberry Pi

Tate Modern Drawing Bar

Paint, broadcast, inspire at Tate Modern

HTC Straylight

Kaleidoscope mirror tunnel control and WebGL visualisation

Kavital for Bene

Immersive fictional event during Clerkenwell Design Week

Bloomberg Connects

A digital dialogue between the public and Tate Modern


Playable multi-touch reactive logomark

Studio Blackburn

Playful interventions for Studio Blackburn’s new website

United Micro Kingdoms

Imagining futures with Dunne & Raby

Where Will The Selfies Take Us?

Touring selfie taking, stop frame animation machine

Haroon Mirza

Sequenceable HTML noise for Lisson Gallery

Map Project Office

Algorithmic grid layouts


Lighting up a mile-long racetrack

In Limbo

360° video before it was cool

Designing for the Sixth Extinction

Visualising the 6th extinction


An interactive video mosaic for Bibliothèque Design

Feathered Flight

Enhancing the history of feathered flight

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New Project Enquires

We provide concepts, design, development and production for digital creations of any kind, events and installations.

You may be seeking engaging responses to advertising, marketing, branding, PR or social objectives.

Or, you may want to kick start a digital innovation within a startup, corporate, cultural or architectural organisation.

We also work on a series of internal projects and artworks whilst seeking partners to bring these ideas to life.

The Workers love talking work.
Big or small please get in touch.

You can bring us in early or last minute.
We prefer the former but can pull off the latter.

+44 (0) 20 3289 4033

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The Workers is an award-winning digital product design studio founded by Ross Cairns and Tommaso Lanza in 2010.

Made up of a group of serial collaborators the studio is renowned for its ability to work with both small creative teams and global organisations to make the impossible possible.

Working across mediums – interactive, web, installations, robots, events, VR – The Workers combine design and technology to transform ideas into original and engaging products and experiences.

The studio is constantly challenging and exploring the possibilities of design and technology to create groundbreaking experiences that push the boundaries.

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The studio’s work has been featured internationally on television, radio, print and online. Press includes: The Guardian, Icon Magazine, The New York Times,, Wired, The Paris Review of Books, Popular Science, BBC, BBC Click Online, BBC Newsround, NPR, Cool Hunting, Dezeen…


Sauce, London — June 2016
UCA, Canterbury — April 2016
Ravensbourne, London — February 2016
Museum Connections, Paris - January
Resonate Festival, Belgrade — April 2015
Royal College of Art, London — April 2015
Design Indaba, Cape Town — March 2015
AlterFutures, London — November 2014
ODD Occasion, London — November 2014
Design Museum, London — October 2014
Museum Showoff, London — September 2014


Museums and the Web, Best of Web 2015
Tate Britain, IK Prize 2014
TSB, Tech City Launchpad 2011


Mika Iwasaka (2015) Beyond the Display, Tokyo: BNN
Will Wiles (2014) ICON: The Secret Life of Museums

Work With Us

We know from experience that small, focused teams can create amazing feats. This means we often bring great people in to collaborate on our work. Never hesitate to get in touch.


  • A Practice For Everyday Life
  • Alex Box
  • Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
  • Allude
  • Anna Lomax
  • Art Public
  • Atalanta
  • BAT Studio
  • Bedouin Bags
  • Ben Elywn
  • Bibliothèque
  • Bolt Editions & The Loop
  • Capco
  • Channel 4
  • David Newton
  • Duarte Carrilho da Graça
  • Dundee Contemporary Arts
  • Dunne & Raby
  • Emma Hutton
  • Fuel Theatre
  • Greg White
  • Gerard Rallo
  • Haroon Mirza
  • Heavenly
  • Hellicar&Lewis
  • Highcross
  • HTC
  • IDEO
  • Jason Bruges Studio
  • Kamala Bay
  • Lisson Gallery
  • LogMeIn
  • Martin McGrath Studio
  • Morten Kantsø
  • Nike
  • Royal College of Art
  • Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
  • SOCA
  • Studio Blackburn
  • Takashi Aoki
  • Tate Britain
  • Tate Modern
  • The Greater London Authority
  • The Green Eyl
  • The Space
  • Thomas Brown
  • UCL
  • V&A
  • Visual Editions
  • Wendy Smith
  • Wylde Magazine
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