Virtual hybrid creatures

In Transgenic Bestiary, players create virtual hybrid creatures using a database of sequenced animal DNA. The game’s ostensible goal is to create a potentially viable animal, but what players learn as they progress is that the mixed species have to be closely related taxonomically, or else the animal will not survive. The game uses largely existent technologies and concepts.

Natural selection is no longer the rule

From glowing rabbits to hypoallergenic cats, transgenic animals are already part of our environment. These new animals, engineered for medical purposes, research or pure amusement are blurring conventional classifications. Darwin’s tree is slowly changing into a web where elephants and jellyfish, panthers and hummingbirds are crossed and merged together marking a new step in evolution. Natural selection is no longer the only rule.

Installation with computer, video projection, illustrated tiles, Flash, Java, and Reactivision software.