A Futuristic Proposal

“Designing for the Sixth Extinction” is Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s futuristic proposal that suggests a series of synthetic creatures could “save nature”.- The project is designed to trigger debate about how artificial organisms could be used to solve environmental problems.

Saving Nature

These creatures would be designed, patented and produced by corporations in the same way that industrial products are developed today. The corporations would release the creatures into the wild to save endangered species and clean up pollution to make up for the environmental damage caused by their activities.

Designing the Creatures

3D modeling and developed visualisations of the creatures were created for the “Grow Your Own… Life After Nature” exhibition at the Science Gallery Dublin.

The Work

  • Concept development support (starting from original sketches from the artist)
  • On-site high dynamic range photography
  • 3D modeling of four imaginary creatures
  • Digital compositing
  • High dynamic range matte painting
  • High resolution rendering for museum-quality prints