A room with many sounds

The Listening Living Room is a special place inside Guy’s Hospital in London, UK: a contemplative space for cancer patients, outside the clinical environment.

Embedded in a fully bespoke bamboo interior designed by BAT Studio, four listening zones play high-fidelity generative soundscapes sampled from 35 locations across the world through highly directional speakers.


Watch and listen to the locations below…

Built using Unity3D

Thanks to an Android app we developed in-house for the project, listeners can effortlessly leap across some of the most beautiful soundscapes around the world: tune into Istanbul in the early hours to hear the city’s calls to prayer or come back at noon as the rush hour intensifies.

Bespoke soundscape audio generation tool

Layers of sounds sampled from each geographical location are blended in real time based on a dynamic set of rules: no soundscape is ever the same as the sun sets and rises, the wind and temperature change and the hours go by.