“How do you exhibit music? Like this!”

Denmark’s main newspaper, the Politiken

The renewed Carl Nielsen Museum, in Denmark, celebrates the renowned composer, Carl Nielsen. The Workers were commissioned to design and develop several interactive elements, including a large immersive installation, two interactive games and other moodscape animations.


The first room of the museum, is a key moment of the experience, establishing Carl Nielsen’s character and the underlying narrative, tone and visual language of the show. The result is a carefully synchronized choreography made of animation, archival images, lights, sound and some of Carl Nielsen’s music compositions.


The goal of the interactive games was to provide both entertainment and education. It aims to engage a diverse audience, regardless of their musical knowledge.

“The Creative Process” interactive allows visitors to explore Nielsen’s music composition. They can analyse the music’s components and observe how Nielsen combined them to create the final work. 

“Apprenticeship” is an interactive card game that immerses players in Nielsen’s musical journey within a military setting. Players listen to bugle signals and try to match the sounds.


Exhibition Design and Graphic Direction: Event

Sound Design: Coda to Coda